News & Impact

Ways we aim to make an Impact

Stakeholder Engagement

We will set up a stakeholder forum to liase with policy makers,

  NGO representatives, business representatives and key scientists,

  in order to gain a better insight into the subjective tradeoffs and realities

  that go into decision making, as well as to further develop our scenarios.   

Our Research

Currently we are conducting a scan of the Literature identifying linkages 

and  scenario analyses regarding the SDGs, 

and of the investment literature across different SDG’s.

Policy Briefs

       From our research we will produce 4 policy briefs to disseminate the results.

Scientific Community

Our results will be published, the updates to the model structure will be posted on our IMAGE 

wiki. The data used will be published here.

Final Assessment Report

We will aim to create a report assessing the gap between the scenario we create that ultimately 

completes the targets we set out by 2050, and compare it to the actual policy put into place,

  we aim to also assess the governance consequences of the strategies.          


In order to achieve the SDG goals collaboration is needed to unify a framework of indicators of how multiple goals can be achieved simultaneously taking into account how interdependent they are on one another Detlef, and Paul specify a unified set of indicators to fill this gap in their work below.

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